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More Evidence of Ukraine's Reign of Terror

More Evidence of Ukraine's Reign of Terror

by Stephen Lendman

A previous article discussed how Obama-installed fascist thugs eliminate anyone opposing their ruthlessness.

They're harassed, brutalized, imprisoned, disappeared or murdered in cold blood - including assassinating political opponents reported as "suicides."

Independent journalists, human rights workers and democracy advocates are vulnerable - anyone criticizing regime policy.

CyberBerkut is a Ukrainian hacker collective. It hacked into Kharkov regional state administration deputy head Vyacheslav Abbakumov's emails.

It reported the following, saying:

"We, the CyberBerkut, hereby present for public access materials confirming that the physical liquidation of public and political figures opposed to the Kiev Junta was authorized by the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), and was supervised by the Kharkov political elite; the 'cleaners of Free Ukraine' turned out to be Kharkov-based nationalist groups."

They discovered "correspondence between (Abbakumov) and an unknown leader of an extreme-nationalist group in the Kharkov region."

A critical Abbakumov email to one of the alleged state-sponsored assassins said:

"You bastards, what are you doing? You consider this to be an intimidation measure?" 

"Do you know how much barking there will be on Moskal TV (a Ukrainian ethnic Russian slur) after this?" 

"I understand that this bald head murdered journalist (Oles Buzina) had been asking for a brick to the head for a long time, but it was supposed to be a brick, (not a gun) understand?" 

"You were given license to shut this trash up, but not permanently. You had told me about knocked out teeth, broken fingers." 

"As for the fate of your team of thugs: Dublon (a nickname for Ukrainian Security Service Major General A. Dublik), called me personally three times." 

"Now get back to Kharkov and return to base. The remaining orders are canceled for now."

The alleged assassin responded as follows:

"Do not ever dare to humiliate me or my boys again! We took up arms in order to clean our native land of garbage and traitors to the national idea, and not in in order to make you sad about the fact that another traitor to Ukraine went to a place from where he will never bark again!" 

"We will not come back (from Kiev) - and why did your poem-reciting Dublon give us the authority then?" 

"We have money, weapons, and allies in every corner of the country. We will return (to Kharkov) once we finish the job." 

"And as you know, we have a lot of work yet to be done! Glory to Ukraine!"

Dublik heads Ukraine's Security Service (SBU) department of protection of national statehood.

He recommended Kiev's SBU branch "take control of the activities of the aforementioned group, and if possible use it for prophylactic actions in relation to social and political figures who hold to the position of a peaceful settlement of the situation in the Donbass."

According to CyberBerkut, "this correspondence confirms, albeit indirectly, the fact that the elimination of opposition figures in Ukraine was supervised by representatives of the government."

Days earlier, Ukrainian Security Services chief investigator Vasily Vovk warned regime opponents to "shut their mouths" if they want to stay alive.

"I think that in our time, when there is practically a war going on, Ukrainophobes, if they don't shut their mouths, should at least stop their rhetoric," he blustered.

"I think that in the present situation, there shouldn't be anyone stepping out directly against Ukraine and Ukrainianness."

He warned "Ukrainophobes"  ignoring him that "nothing good will come of it." Anti-regime opponents are considered terrorists.

Eliminating them is official state policy. One Kiev critic after another is being killed. 

Fascist regimes operate this way. Washington provides full support and encouragement.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

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Putin on WW II Hardships

Putin on WW II Hardships

by Stephen Lendman

May 9 marks the 70th anniversary of what Russians call the Great Patriotic War - representing victory over Nazi Germany.

No nation endured more and today gets less credit than Russia. Without its contribution, Hitler might have won. 

No one knows for sure how many Russians perished. A 1993 Russian Academy of Sciences study estimated 26.6 million.

Some independent Russian researchers believe 40 million died - including combatants and civilians. 

Millions more suffered serious injuries. Human misery endured can't be quantified. Large parts of Russia were devastated. 

Many years of rebuilding and recouping were required. Americans can't imagine what Russians endured.

The National WW II Museum indicates 407,000 US military deaths - around 671,000 others wounded.

War didn't touch US soil. Americans old enough to remember recall minor inconveniences - including rationing gasoline and other goods needed for the war effort.

Except for loved ones away at war, life was mostly normal. Conflict raged out of sight and mind.

Americans today mostly ignore Victory in Europe Day (May 8, 1945) and Victory over Japan Day - August 14 and 15 when Japan's surrender was announced, or September 2 when done formally aboard the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay.

Victory Day in Moscow is special. Kremlin officials invited 68 world leaders to participate in this year's commemoration.

On April 30, Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said around 30 world leaders confirmed their plans to attend along with heads of international organizations.

Obama will be conspicuously absent. Other Western European leaders aren't coming. Angela Merkel plans arriving on May 10. 

She'll join Putin laying wreaths at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. All countries involved in defeating Nazi Germany were invited. They should feel obligated and honored to attend.

Russia's Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova commented, saying:

"Nobody in the west is even hiding that the whole issue of not coming to Russia is not based on what the population of Europe thinks about the issue, but is owing to extreme pressure from Washington."

"Everyone seems to have forgotten that heads of state are there to reflect the interests of their own countries and people." 

"No one has asked the European veterans of the second world war whether it is right to boycott those who lost hundreds of thousands of people while saving Europe from fascism."

Its headquarters moved from Berlin to Washington - threatening world peace more than ever before in world history.

Putin calls Victory Day Russia's "biggest holiday." It commemorates its enormous sacrifices to defeat the scourge of fascism.

Ahead of commemorations next week, Putin commented on his family's hardships during WW II - in a Russia's Pioneer magazine op-ed.

He was born in October 1952, over seven years after war ended. "Frankly, father did not like even to touch this topic," he said. "Usually I would listen to the adults share their memories." 

"It's from these adult conversations that I drew all the information there was to know about the war, and everything that had happened to my family, although sometimes they would talk to me directly."

Putin's father was a Soviet Russia submariner in the 1930s based in Sevastopol. He worked at a Leningrad military plant (today's St. Petersburg) when Nazi Germany invaded in June 1941 (Operation Barbarossa).

He served at the front as a volunteer - sustained a severe leg injury. It "was a heavy one," said Putin.

"He lived all his life with shell fragments in his leg that hadn't been taken out…They left the smaller bits inside so as not to fracture the bone."

Putin's older brother was evacuated from Leningrad's siege. He died from diphtheria. His mother was ill close to death when his father returned home at war's end.

He nursed her back to health. They lived until their late 80s. Many Putin relatives perished during wartime.

His father had six brothers. Five died. "It was a disaster for the family," said Putin. "Mother also lost her relatives. I was a late child. She gave birth to me when she was 41."

"Despite all this grief, misery and tragedy, they harbored no hate for the enemy, which was difficult for me to understand." 

"Frankly, it still is…Mother was a very kind, gentle person…She said: 'How can you hate these (German) soldiers?" 

"They were ordinary people who died at war too…How can you blame them? They are hard workers like us. It's just that they were sent to fight.' "

"These are the words which I remember since my childhood."

"There was not a family not having someone killed (in the war). There were, of course, sorrow, trouble, tragedy, but what is surprising is they did not feel hatred for their enemies."

He still doesn't understand it, he added. "Everything that my parents told me about the war was true. They did not make up a single word. They did not mix up a single day."

For those who lived through it, the horror can't ever be forgotten. It's madness to risk repeating what could be much worse next time.

Pioneer magazine editor Andrei Kolesnikov called Putin's comments "very sincere and intimate, maybe even too intimate."

"Apparently, this topic still strikes a chord with" him. For sure it does for anyone old enough to remember - especially Europeans, East Asians and North Africans experiencing it directly.

Endless wars followed. Washington bears full responsibility for all major conflicts. 

Lunatics in charge may have WW III in mind. Humanity may not survive the onslaught.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

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Obama Wars Rage at Home and Abroad

Obama Wars Rage at Home and Abroad

by Stephen Lendman

Endless Obama wars of aggression rage in multiple theaters abroad and at home against ordinary Americans.

Yemen is his latest imperial atrocity using regional proxies to do his dirty work. A nation is being systematically destroyed. 

Its entire population is threatened by terror-bombing, ground conflict, war related violence, starvation, overall deprivation and appalling human misery.

Ukraine threatens to explode in escalated war - at Obama's discretion. 

Hundreds of US, UK and Canadian combat troops are readying its Nazi-infested National Guard and likeminded paramilitary battalions to wage greater terror-war without mercy than already on Donbass residents wanting to live free from the scourge of US-imposed fascist dictatorship.

The horror of all-out war could begin any time. Donbass continues being shelled multiple times daily - in blatant violation of agreed on Minsk ceasefire terms.

Ukrainian forces positioned heavy weapons south of Donetsk in preparation for full-scale war.

Poroshenko lied claiming Donbass self-defense forces attacked Ukrainian troops. They respond solely to Kiev shelling.

"We are still under a threat of war," Poroshenko blustered - code language for planned upcoming Kiev aggression at Obama's discretion.

Baltimore streets are America's latest battleground after killer cops murdered Freddie Gray, a 25-year-old African American guilty of no crime.

They arrested him on bogus charges, brutalizing him in custody severely enough to cause death.

His spine was 80% severed at his neck. He had three fractured vertebrae. His larynx was injured.

He lapsed into a coma. On April 19, he died - a week after his arrest. Deliberately inflicted police injuries were too severe to save him.

Street demonstrations followed. Violence erupted. Authorities and militarized cops responded as expected.

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan declared a state of emergency. A curfew was imposed. 

Around 2,000 combat trained National Guard troops were deployed to wage war on Baltimore streets if ordered to do so.

Media scoundrels support what demands condemnation. They ignored legitimate peaceful protests. According to one participant:

"When we were out here protesting all last week for six days straight peacefully, there were no news cameras." 

"There were no helicopters. There was no riot gear, and nobody heard us." 

"So now that we've burned down buildings and set businesses on fire and looted buildings," protesters are called criminals and thugs.

Legitimate longstanding festering grievances remain unaddressed. Ferguson, MO community organizer Deray McKesson blamed police for violence. 

They murder a defenseless Black male on average once day in America - with impunity.

Baltimore city councilman Carl Stokes commented angrily about "call(ing) our children 'thugs.'  These are children who have been set aside, marginalized, who have not been engaged by us," he stressed.

Obama at first said nothing about Freddie Gray's murder and initial peaceful protests. On Tuesday, he blamed victims for killer cop violence. Saying "there's no excuse for the kind of violence" that erupted.

"(A) handful of people taking advantage of the situation for their own purposes should be treated as criminals."  

He's done nothing to address major nationwide grievances affecting America's most disadvantaged - especially persecuted, neglected and exploited Blacks and Latinos.

America's real criminal class is bipartisan - rogue federal, state, municipal politicians using militarized killer cops, National Guard forces and combat ready federal troops to serve ruling class monied interests exclusively at the expense of beneficial social change.

Baltimore is symptomatic of cities and towns nationwide. State-sponsored crimes against humanity go unaddressed - at home and abroad.

Cops operate extrajudicially. They make their own rules. They kill with impunity. 

Big Lies justify cold-blooded murder - the same ones used to wage war on humanity worldwide, to make the world safe for monied interests.

It's at a time America is being systematically thirdworldized. Poverty is a growth industry.

Over 23% of Americans wanting work can't find it. Most available jobs are rotten ones - part-time, low-pay, with few or no benefits.

Conditions are getting worse, not better. Official economic numbers are phony to conceal deplorable conditions.

Paul Craig Roberts says America's economy "is collapsing as a result of jobs offshoring and a deregulated financial system."

House of cards conditions exist. America's privileged class benefits hugely from a tsunami of Fed created money used more speculatively than ever before in history - while most people struggle during protracted Main Street Depression conditions Washington does nothing to address.

"The United States is an economic basket case," says Roberts. Ordinary people suffer hugely - especially persecuted and exploited Blacks and Latinos, their needs ignored.

Police brutality is the spark of revolutionary anger. Abused people take so much before exploding.

Solidarity protests erupted across America - in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, Washington, Houston, Minneapolis and elsewhere. More are planned.

Protesters chanted: "All night, all day, we're gonna fight for Freddie Gray." "Fight back." "Baltimore is everywhere." 

Criminal justice reform activist Carmen Perez said "(i)t's all about solidarity" against longstanding unresolved festering  grievances harming people of color most of all.

America today is more racially unjust than any time since the height of Jim Crow viciousness.

Millions of Black and Latino youths either fester in the world's largest gulag (mostly for drug-related or nonviolent offenses), were imprisoned earlier, are on parole, or face prosecution on charges no just society would tolerate.

Unprecedented inequality, virulent racism, deep-seated poverty, longterm unemployment, lost social benefits, a nation perpetually at war, and its ruling class not giving a damn about ordinary people provide a combustible mix for revolutionary fervor.

Perhaps it's just a matter of time before it explodes full-blown nationwide.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

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Chances for Peace in Ukraine: Zero

Chances for Peace in Ukraine: Zero

by Stephen Lendman

Low-level US/ordered/Kiev initiated conflict before resumed full-scale may not last much longer. 

Over 1,500 US, UK, and Canadian combat troops are readying Ukraine's Nazi-infested National Guard and likeminded paramilitary battalions for resumed genocidal war on Donbass.

Donetsk People's Republic (DPR) parliament speaker Andrey Purgin said foreign elements are training Ukrainian extremists already with "their hands up to the elbows in blood."

Foreign mercenaries continue supporting Kiev. DPR Defense Ministry spokesman Eduard Basurin said US State Department enlisted Blackwater elements are involved.

Washington continues sending Kiev heavy weapons. Daily shellings continue. Minsk ceasefire terms were dead on arrival. Kiev violated them straightaway.

According to the Saker, "(t)here is very little doubt left in anybody's mind that the junta will resume a full-scale attack on" Donbass. 

"(A)ny hopes for a weakening of the US and/or European support for the Nazi junta are now dead."

Washington intends resuming full-scale war - perhaps goading Russia to intervene.

Prospective Kiev legislation calls for nationalizing all Russian assets. Nazis in charge are rewriting history - claiming Russia invaded Ukraine.

Washington continues offering full support and encouragement. Endless wars are longstanding US policy.

Obama wants a European one involving Russia - justifying NATO's killing machine more than ever.

It remains to be seen how events unfold. The risk of global war is greater than any time since WW II - this time with potentially humanity destroying nuclear weapons.

Some good news offers a little hope. On April 25, the Washington Post headlined "Ukraine's military mobilization undermined by draft dodgers."

Saying many conscripted Ukrainians aren't "heeding the call to arms."

One recruit said he "decided a long time ago that (he) wouldn't respond to the order" he got to report for military service.

"I am not at all interested in participating in such a conflict. They should have been acting much more effectively to have fewer victims. I don’t want to end up on the victim list myself," he said.

Ukrainian youths interviewed spoke on condition of anonymity to avoid draft dodging penalties.

One refusnik complained about military commanders taking bribes and Poroshenko maintaining business ties to Moscow while asking Ukrainian youths to risk death in combat.

Kiev military spokesman Vladishlav Seleznev admitted recruiting problems.

He lied claiming generous benefits provided recruits defending the country. At the same time, he said "there are very harsh criminal penalties for draft dodgers."

They include stiff fines and years in prison. Ukrainian journalist Ruslan Kotsaba speaking publicly against mobilization was charged with treason and obstructing the military.

He faces 15 years in prison for exercising his free expression rights. Fascist regimes tolerate no opposition.

Ukrainian youths refusing to go to war against fellow citizens opt out quietly.

A government decree regulates foreign travel for military-aged youths. Anyone showing up at border checkpoints risks arrest and up to five years in prison.

Efforts to enlist youths for combat are floundering in parts of Ukraine. Rava-Ruska Mayor Iryna Vereshchuk called "mobilization (here) a total failure."

"People don’t understand what they are fighting against. If it’s a war, why has no war been declared? Why are ordinary people being called up" to fight, she asked?

"We still have diplomatic and financial links with Russia and yet people are saying we have to go and fight their troops and die."

"If our region was coming under attack, people would take up arms, but they are not ready to go to the east and end up killing other Ukrainian citizens."

Ukrainian youth Andrey said he'd "rather sit in prison for three years - and be fed and secure - than serve."

"After a whole year of this government, we still have to work for two days to buy a loaf of bread. I don’t want to go fight for that kind of government," he explained.

Ukraine's military said it completed about three-fourths of its mobilization - five waves with a sixth proposed.

Kharkov is Ukraine's second largest city. Only around 17% of conscripted youths responded to orders to report for military service.

Kiev's military officials are  concerned, said WaPo. "Rotating soldiers off the battlefield, they expect only 15-20 percent to return voluntarily." 

"New soldiers get only 26 days of general training, plus a week or two to practice their specialization." 

"So without a steady stream of recruits, they worry that the quality of soldiers could drop." 

"Only 1 in 8 troops is a volunteer, not nearly enough to make up the recruitment gap."

According to Kiev-based military expert Aleksey Arestovich:

"We don't understand what we are fighting for, and the government does not inform people about the goals of this war" - officially called an "anti-terrorist operation (ATO)."

Families of slain soldiers must fight for promised benefits, Arestovich added. Fascist regimes are all take and no give.

Low-level conflict continues daily ahead of US plans to rev it up full-scale. It bears repeating. Chances for peace in Ukraine are zero. 

Washington demands endless war. It's recklessly heading toward challenging Russia militarily. All bets are off if launched.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

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Israel Aids Nepalese Victims, Blocks Gaza Reconstruction

Israel Aids Nepalese Victims, Blocks Gaza Reconstruction

by Stephen Lendman

Israel and America give double standard hypocrisy new meaning. Washington wages endless direct and proxy wars of aggression claiming humanitarian intervention.

Israeli occupation harshness is nearly seven decades old. Besieged Gazans suffer most - preemptively attacked by land, sea and air at Israel's discretion, isolated in the world's largest open-air prison.

Last summer's genocidal war left large parts of Gaza in ruins - besides committing mass murder, including willfully massacring mostly noncombatant men, women, children, infants and the elderly.

According to UNRWA, "(n)ot a single home has been rebuilt" - eight months after Israel's genocidal war ended.

UNWRA spokesman Chris Gunness reports "(t)o date, 9,161 Palestinian refugee houses have been considered totally destroyed and 5,066 have suffered severe (damage), 4,085 major (damage), an 124,792 minor damages."

To date, UNWRA received "funding to reconstruct (only) 200 of the 9,161 houses totally destroyed."

According to Metal and Engineering Industries Union vice president Muhammad Hamad, Israel blocks 85% of needed construction equipment and metal materials from entering Gaza.

In early March, Gisha Legal Center for Freedom of Movement executive director Eitan Diamond said:

"Six months after the fighting, not a single house destroyed during the last round of hostilities has been rebuilt." 

"Hundreds of thousands of people are homeless and living in tents. Entire neighborhoods were destroyed."

Gaza's economy is in ruins. Its 1.8 million people are suffering hugely - ruthless Israeli collective punishment according to unenforced international law.

Gisha spokesperson Shai Grunberg said "Gaza's population needs an economic future." Israel's illegal siege must end.

"Merchants and business people must be allowed to exit Gaza in order to revive business connections and make new ones, sign deals, reconnect with the markets, and rebuild factories." 

"Young people must be allowed to get an education and reunite with family. The restrictions on the passage of goods must be lifted" straightaway.

Israel systematically refuses - even after pledging during last year's Cairo peace talks to do so.

Following Nepal's devastating April 25 earthquake, the region's worst in 80 years, Israel sent 260 IDF medical and military personnel to Kathmandu - double standard hypocrisy and then some.

Its team set up a field hospital with 60 beds. On Wednesday, it began operations in coordination with Kathmandu's army hospital.

Around 2,000 Israelis were in Nepal when disaster struck. Dozens of backpackers were stranded. Israel's Foreign Ministry said only one of its nationals remains unaccounted for. Four planes and helicopters airlifted Israelis out.

No Israeli relief money was sent. Washington sent a paltry $10 million. Israel sent a large rescue team over 3,000 miles allegedly to help its nationals and Nepalese victims in need.

Israeli media touted its mission irresponsibly. A Hebrew University study "rank(ed) (Israel) near the bottom among leading free-market economies in providing foreign aid to developing nations."

Washington fares no better. It's so-called foreign aid is largely military-related benefitting its own agenda.

Israel's so-called disaster relief combines self-promotion propaganda with exploiting local populations.

Its aid mission to Haiti following its January 2010 devastating earthquake was accused of organ trafficking.

In November 2009, Alison Weir reported on Israeli organ trafficking and theft from Moldova to Palestine.

She cited an earlier Donald Bostrom's article in Sweden's Ftonbladet suggesting Israel's military illicitly removes removes body parts - including from Palestinians. According to Weir:

"…Israeli organ harvesting - sometimes with Israeli governmental funding and the participation of high Israeli officials, prominent Israeli physicians, and Israeli ministries - has been documented for many years. Among the victims have been Palestinians."

Medical anthropology/Organ Watch founder Nancy Scheper-Hughes says "Israel is at the top" among nations engaging in organ trafficking.

"It has tentacles reaching out worldwide," she said. It has a pyramid system at work that's awesome."

"They have brokers everywhere, bank accounts everywhere. They've got recruiters. They've got translators. They've got travel agents who set up the visas."

They pay "the poor and the hungry to slowly dismantle their bodies" or simply take what they want from fresh corpses." 

Body parts are commodities, to be harvested and sold to the rich, even though organ sales are prohibited in most countries, but not under international law.

Is Israel's Nepal mission more about "rescuing" organs and body parts than helping stranded Israelis and Nepalese victims? It has nothing to do with providing humanitarian aid.

At the same time, it continues ruthlessly persecuting Palestinians - besieged Gazans most of all.

Nepalese victims make daily headlines. Long-suffering Gazans are totally ignored - including Israel's willful reconstruction blockade.

It's just a matter of time before its forces smash up more of Gaza - along with murdering and maiming thousands more Palestinians defenseless against its onslaught.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

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Saudis Terror-Bomb Sanaa Runway to Block Humanitarian Aid for Yemen

Saudis Terror-Bomb Sanaa Runway to Block Humanitarian Aid for Yemen

by Stephen Lendman

On Wednesday, Iran's Foreign Ministry blasted Riyadh's "vindictive and inhumane" terror-bombing of Sanaa International Airport's runway - to block Iranian humanitarian aid from arriving.

Orders to do so came from Washington. A previous article said Obama wants Yemenis starved to death or dying from unavailable medical treatment for serious terror-bombing inflicted wounds.

A Saudi spokesman called Sanaa's runway inoperable. Brig. General Ahmed Asseri said Tehran's cargo plane didn't coordinate with Riyadh and ignored warnings to turn back.

The Iranian Red Crescent's pilot ignored what he called "illegal warnings." He said "15 minutes after entering Yemen's airspace, Saudi fighter jets came to escort us insisting that we change our flight plan and go to Saudi Arabia."

"Then they once again warned us to go to Saudi Arabia and land in an airport there, but we refused" - even after threats to be shot down. 

"(W)hen we defied and approached the Sanaa International Airport, the Saudi warplanes targeted the airport with rockets and bombs, and when we found out that we couldn't land in there we decided to return" to Iran after refueling in Muscat, Oman.

Press TV said the plane carried 10 tons of medicines and 13 doctors.

The New York Times willfully deceived its readers - reporting US-sanctioned propaganda instead of hard truths. It explained the above incident as follows:

"A Saudi-led military coalition carried out at least seven airstrikes on the international airport here on Tuesday, possibly crippling the airport in order to prevent an Iranian airplane from landing, according to Saudi and Yemeni officials."

It downplayed its mercy mission - calling it a "passenger trip." Not a word about Saudi-led terror-bombing willfully murdering hundreds of noncombatant Yemeni men, women and children.

Silence about Obama's war planned months ago to regain control over a former client state - no matter the cost in human lives and welfare. Regardless of grave international law violations.

Deputy Iranian Foreign Minister for Arab and African Affairs Hossein Amir Abdollahian warned Riyadh - saying its aggression and blockade "will not remain unanswered."

"Saudi Arabia is not entitled to decide for others in the region," he stressed. Last weekend, the Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS) blasted Riyadh's blocking humanitarian aid from reaching desperately in need Yemenis.

US orchestrated/Saudi-led naked aggression violates core international law. Blocking humanitarian aid compounds the supreme high crime against peace.

Yemenis desperately need food, clean water, medical supplies and other essentials to life. Washington and Riyadh want them denied.

At least 10 aid ships carrying wheat and corn are blocked from unloading their cargos. 

Most Yemenis are food insecure. They lack access to clean water. The entire country is running of out fuel.

Syrian Youth Movement activist Dani Maki said "(w)e have no water. We have no electricity."

"There was even a shortage of communications because of the lack of fuel. In the words of the UN, it’s a catastrophe." 

"The richest country in the Arab world is bombing the poorest country, so the fact that Saudi Arabia could have any humanitarian narrative in Yemen is completely baseless, and it is hell bent on fighting these Houthi rebels at the expense of the entire Yemeni population."

Humanitarian agencies can't deliver aid. Oxfam's Imad Aoun said "(t)he closure of the import routes has definitely impacted us, but it has also impacted the rest of the Yemenis." 

"We know that in Hadida they have been out of water for two or three days now, and that’s a city of half a million people."

If conflict persists longterm, millions of Yemenis may perish. Media scoundrels ignore what's heading for becoming one of history's great crimes - one of many on Washington's rap sheet, Republicans and Democrats sharing equal guilt.

On Wednesday, Iranian MPs condemned Saudi-led aggression and blocking humanitarian aid. They issued a statement saying:

"We as representatives of the great Iranian nation deplore this inhumane attempt and strongly ask the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS) to help the oppressed Yemeni nation and not allow the Al Saud tyrants to continue genocide in Yemen."

They compared Saudi-led dirty war without mercy to Israel's 2014 Operation Protective Edge - genocidal mass murder by any standard.

"It is for over one month now that the criminal regime of Al Saud is brutally striking the oppressed Yemeni nation with the help and at the order of the US and the Zionist regime, exposing its real image to the Muslim world," their statement added.

Conflict persists into its second month with no end in sight. Scores die daily. Many more suffer disabling injuries.

Deprivation haunts the country. It bears repeating. Millions of Yemenis face possible starvation, death from untreated wounds, and appalling human misery words can't explain.

Obama bears full responsibility. It's his war planned months ago - another atrocity on his rap sheet, using Saudis and other regional rogue states to do his dirty work.

Who's next on his target list to destroy? How many more millions may perish on his watch?

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

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Chernobyl All Over Again

Chernobyl All Over Again

by Stephen Lendman

Forest fires rage in Ukraine dangerously close to Chernobyl. Ukrainian interior minister Arsen Avakov said conditions "worsened."

"The forest fire is heading in the direction of Chernobyl's installations," he said. Treetop flames and strong gusts of wind have created a real danger of the fire spreading to an area within 20 kilometers of the power plant." 

"There are about (1,000 acres) of forests in the endangered area," he claimed. "National Guard and interior ministry forces have been put on combat alert."

The April 26, 1986 Chernobyl incident was the worst nuclear power plant disaster up to that time - exceeded only by Japan's Fukushima (March 11, 2011). 

Nuclear expert Helen Caldicott called it "by orders of magnitude many times worse than Chernobyl."

The effects of both catastrophes are still being felt. A 2009 New York Academy of Sciences (NYAS) study said Chernobyl killed around one million people and counting. The official IAEA figure claiming around 4,000 was fabricated to downplay the disaster.

NYAS said:

"This is a collection of papers translated from the Russian with some revised and updated contributions." 

"Written by leading authorities from Eastern Europe, the volume outlines the history of the health and environmental consequences of the Chernobyl disaster." 

"According to the authors, official discussions from the (IAEA) and associated (UN) agencies (e.g. the Chernobyl reports) have largely downplayed or ignored many of the findings reported in the Eastern European scientific literature and consequently have erred by not including these assessments."

According to Greenpeace Russia,  "(a) very large, catastrophic forest fire is taking place in a 30-km zone around the Chernobyl power plant." 

"We estimate the real area of the fire to be (25,000 acres). This is based on satellite images. This hasn't been officially acknowledged yet."

Eminent British nuclear expert Chris Busby explains the grave danger fires pose comes from spreading radioactive contaminants over a vast area, saying:

"Some of the materials that were contaminating that area would have been incorporated into the woods." 

"In other words, they landed on the ground in 1986 and they got absorbed into the trees and all the biosphere." 

"And when it burns, they just become re-suspended. It's like Chernobyl all over again." 

"All of that material that fell on the ground will now be burned up into the air and will become available for people to breathe."

In 1953, future physiology and medicine Nobel laureate George Wald said "there's no such thing as safe nuclear power." He called its danger "intolerable, altogether unacceptable."

He called for "closing down all nuclear power plants tomorrow." Doing it now is more urgent than ever given their inherent hazards.

Helen Caldicott stresses it, saying:

"As a physician, I contend that nuclear technology threatens life on our planet with extinction."

"If present trends continue, the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the water we drink will soon be contaminated with enough radioactive pollutants to pose a potential health hazard far greater than any plague humanity has ever experienced."

Fukushima's ongoing disaster explains it. So does Chernobyl's nightmare - resurfacing what never went away.

Einstein once said "splitting of the atom changed everything but (humanity's) mode of thinking."

He called nuclear power "a hell of a way to boil water." It creates radioactive steam.

Disasters are unavoidable. Ingested radioactive particles like what are spreading from ongoing fires near Chernobyl guarantee a greater European cancer epidemic than already.

The late molecular and cell biology Professor John Goffman once said "(t)he nuclear industry is waging war against humanity."

"Licensing a nuclear power plant is in my view, licensing random premeditated murder."

Radiation produces cancer, he stressed - even minuscule amounts too tiny for the human eye to see. Other Chernobyls and Fukushimas are virtually certain. It's just a matter of time. 

Planet earth is being systematically irradiated. Wakeup calls like forest fires raging near Chernobyl spreading radiation go unheeded. 

Perhaps if world leaders ever decide to act responsibly it'll be too late. Radiation poisoning is unforgiving.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Obama Threatens China with Nuclear Weapons

Obama Threatens China with Nuclear Weapons

by Stephen Lendman

No nation in world history ever threatened humanity's survival more than America.

None operates more recklessly. Lunatics in charge wage endless wars of aggression against nonbelligerent countries.

Peace and stability are verboten. Direct and proxy wars rage. More are planned.

In six years in office, Obama waged preemptive wars of aggression against seven nations. He has lots more death and destruction in mind.

Yemen is his latest atrocity. Ukraine heads toward resumed full-scale war at his discretion.

He challenges Russia provocatively and recklessly - risking direct confrontation.

His Asia policy threatens nuclear war with China. Last Friday, National Security Council senior Asian affairs director Evan Medeiros said John Kerry and Defense Secretary Ashton Carter would meet their Japanese counterparts in New York on Monday.

They'd "announce some historic changes to the way US-Japan alliance operates" ahead of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's Washington visit this week.

On Tuesday, Obama hosted him with an official state dinner. Regional security issues will be discussed during his stay. 

A Monday released statement recklessly said Washington intends using nuclear and conventional weapons to defend Japan if necessary.

"Central to (its Asia policy) is the ironclad US commitment to the defense of Japan, through the full range of US military capabilities, including nuclear and conventional," it said.

Japan has no regional enemies. At the same time, its Shino Abe-led government is its most militant since WW II - in a nation constitutionally opposed to war and militarism.

According to a joint US/Japan statement issued Monday:

Japan’s Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida and Defense Minister General Nakatani "welcomed US plans to deploy additional Aegis ships to Yokosuka Naval Base by 2017, as well as the swap-out of the aircraft carrier USS George Washington with the more advanced USS Ronald Reagan later this year."

On April 6, the Defense Department announced it would locate 60% of America's fleet to the Pacific/Indian Ocean region - armed with the newest/most state-of-the-art weapons systems.

Washington and Tokyo maintain disputed islands China calls Diaoyu (for Japan Senkaku) "are territories under the administration of Japan and therefore fall within the scope of the commitments under Article 5 of the US-Japan Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and Security."

Tokyo claimed possession of the disputed islands since 1895 - Beijing since 1783. America occupied them from 1945 - 1972.

Key is what lies offshore - substantial oil and gas deposits for whichever country controls them.

Geopolitics are in play - part of  Washington's Asia policy to marginalize, contain, isolate and weaken China.

Increasing Japanese militarism combined with America's rage for war threatens open conflict in a part of the world hostile to foreign invaders.

Apparently Washington learned nothing from its earlier humiliating Southeast Asia defeat. 

Confronting China and/or Russia militarily risk far greater potential consequences - potential humanity destroying nuclear war.

Belligerent US and Japanese foreign and defense ministers are in lockstep saying "they oppose any unilateral action that seeks to undermine Japan's administration of (the disputed) islands" - code language for potentially provoking China belligerently.

It's part of Washington's so-called East Asia rebalancing - challenging China through strengthened military, economic, and political ties with Japan, South Korea, India, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Myanmar, Singapore and Vietnam.

Strategy includes undermining Chinese regional influence, isolating it from neighbors, and giving Washington more dominance over territories and waters not its own. 

Russia very much is affected. Will global war follow?

A Final Comment

At the same time, US-dominated NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg confirmed plans to more than double the Alliance's Response Force from 13,000 to 30,000 - plus create a new 5,000-strong quick reaction Spearhead Force "to build more stability," he said.

He lied claiming "a dramatically changed security environment in Europe." NATO's only threats are ones it invents.

Humanity's only real threat is America's rage for endless wars - together with rogue partners willing to serve its interests over their own - willing to forego peace and stability for permanent conflicts.

US-dominated NATO and Israel threaten world peace, stability and security. 

Restoring what's lost requires slaying this monster once and for all. Humanity's survival depends on it.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

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US/Saudi Blockade Prevents Vital Humanitarian Aid from Reaching Yemen

US/Saudi Blockade Prevents Vital Humanitarian Aid from Reaching Yemen

by Stephen Lendman

Yemen is Obama's war - more genocide on his rap sheet against 25 million Yemenis wanting freedom from imperial oppression.

US/Saudi imposed air and sea blockade prevents vital humanitarian aid in amounts needed from reaching desperate Yemenis - including food, clean water, medical supplies and other essentials to life.

Obama, Saudis and rogue regional allies (including Israel) want Yemenis starved to death or perishing from untreated serious wounds. 

Reuters reported desperately needed vital aid is being blocked. Saudis continue "holding up food deliveries by sea" and air.

ICRC spokeswoman Marie Claire Feghali said things "were difficult enough before, but now there are just no words for how bad (they've) gotten."

"It's a catastrophe, a humanitarian catastrophe" - worsening daily.

Yemeni Human Rights Minister Izzedine al-Asbahi explained:

"The war and its results have turned Yemen back 100 years, due to the destruction of infrastructure…especially in the provinces of Aden, Dhalea and Taiz."

Power shortages threaten to cut off telecommunications in days. The World Food Program said lack of fuel prevents delivering food and other vital supplies - what little is available.

Hospitals can't operate properly to treat patients and save lives. Since April 21, Saudi warships blocked a commercial oil tanker from reaching Yemen. Other vessels carrying humanitarian aid are prevented from reaching Yemeni ports.

A Sanaa resident said "(t)he place is devastated. There are no roads, water (or) electricity. Nobody's left but thieves."

Everything is in short supply or unavailable. The UN said Saudis are blocking ships carrying food, fuel and other vital supplies.

Iranian Revolutionary Guards commander Genera Mohammad Ali Jafari compared Saudi aggression to Israeli ruthlessness.

On Monday, 47 humanitarian aid agencies called on all parties to end conflict and violence.

War imposed conditions "prevent humanitarian organizations from delivering life-saving assistance," they said.

"(I)nternational humanitarian and human rights laws must be upheld by all parties at all times," they stressed.

A humanitarian catastrophe is happening in real time - worsening daily, threatening the lives and welfare of millions of Yemenis.

Saudi warplanes and ships block vital humanitarian aid from reaching Yemen. Small amounts only are arriving. Far more is needed. Deliveries authorized by Washington and Riyadh alone are getting in.

Iranian international affairs advisor Ali Akbar Velayati cited international law saying "(n)o other country, under any name, is allowed to interfere in the internal affairs of other independent countries. Therefore, Yemen's airspace (and coastal waters) belong to itself."

Iran sent multiple humanitarian aid shipments to Yemen. Some got through. Others were blocked illegally.

Iran Red Crescent Society (IRCS) international and humanitarian affairs deputy director Shahabeddin Mohammadi Araqi called conditions in Yemen "critical."

Riyadh "prevent(s) the dispatch of aid to Yemen," he said.

Recently replaced UN special advisor on Yemen Jamal Benomar briefed Security Council members on crisis conditions.

He warned that (US/Saudi imposed) blockade "restrict(s) the flow of much needed commercial goods and humanitarian assistance to Yemen, including food, fuel and medical supplies amongst others."

He highlighted "the specter of food insecurity… (He said it) widened to threaten more than 12 million Yemenis" - a conservative estimate.

He stressed peace and stability can only be restored through diplomatic negotiations - "free from interference and coercion from outside forces."

Overnight, Saudi warplanes continued terror-bombing residential areas and civilian infrastructure.

Scores were killed or wounded. Iran's Fars News estimates over 3,000 civilians killed - "mostly women and children," it said.

Official estimates are woefully conservative - downplaying the horrific civilian carnage and human suffering.

Yemen's Freedom House Foundation (FHF) estimates over 3,500 killed through Monday - nearly 6,200 others wounded, many maimed for life.

FHF said 4,900 residential buildings were destroyed or damaged - plus 857 civil service and public utility facilities.

The struggle for Yemen's soul continues. Obama's hegemonic lawlessness threatens endless genocidal war.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

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Congressonal Legislation Targets BDS Initiatives

Congressional Legislation Targets BDS Initiatives

AIPAC-promoted/anti-BDS measures were attached as amendments to House and Senate fast track legislation introduced earlier in April.

Its purpose is to ram through Congress Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) bills global justice advocates call NAFTA on steroids - stealth corporate coup d'etats.

The House measure "discourage(s) politically motivated actions to boycott, divest from, or sanction Israel and seek(s) the elimination of politically motivated non-tariff barriers on Israeli goods, services, or other commerce imposed on the State of Israel."

The Senate amendment hasn't been made public. Its language is similar to S. 619: United States-Israel Trade Enhancement Act of 2015. It states in part:

"To include among the principal trade negotiating objectives of the United States regarding commercial partnerships trade negotiating objectives with respect to discouraging activity that discourages, penalizes, or otherwise limits commercial relations with Israel, and for other purposes."

It "discourage(s) politically motivated actions by foreign countries, non-member states of the United Nations, international organizations, and affiliated agencies of international organizations, that are intended to penalize or otherwise limit commercial relations specifically with -

A. Israel;

B. persons doing business in Israel or in territories controlled by Israel (namely, Occupied Palestine and Golan); or

C. successor entities to persons described in subparagraph B."

AIPAC prioritizes enacting anti-BDS legislation. Its provisions would apply to all trade agreements. 

On April 23, Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) issued a statement saying:

It "strongly opposes proposed trade legislation intended to institutionalize support for the Israeli occupation and attempt to criminalize non-violent human rights boycotts of Israel."

Legislative language "comes in response to growing grassroots support in the United States and across the globe for using boycotts, divestment and sanctions tactics as tools to further justice, equality, and human rights for Palestinians."

"If passed, the legislation would reverse the long standing US policy of opposing the illegal Israeli settlements in the Occupied Territories by de facto recognizing all settlements as part of a 'greater Israel.' " 

"The proposed legislation would also mandate US government actions to track and penalize commercial boycotts, a violation of constitutionally protected political speech."

"From South Africa to the grape boycott to the Montgomery Bus Boycott, boycotts, divestment and sanctions (BDS) tactics have been essential tools used to create a more just society."

JVP's Federal Policy Organizer Rabbi Joseph Berman explained:

"This legislation, which actually encourages illegal settlement building while strengthening the far right in Israel, shows that BDS is an increasingly powerful means to challenge Israel's impunity when it comes to Palestinian rights. We urge Congress to reject this legislation."

The measure, if enacted, contravenes official US policy with regard to Occupied Palestinian Territories. 

It aims to criminalize efforts to boycott Israeli products and services. Nothing under international law prevents nations, businesses, groups or individuals from doing so.

The legislation effectively considers all parts of occupied Judea and Samaria Israel covets part of its territory - including privately owned Palestinian land it steals for exclusive Jewish development.

It violates core First Amendment rights. It makes Washington more complicit than already with Israeli high crimes against peace.

The Senate Finance Committee passed the amendment unanimously. House Ways and Means Committee passage followed a day later.

Senate co-sponsor Rob Portman (R. OH) said the measure "sends a clear message that if you want to be an economic partner with the United States, you cannot support politically motivated boycotts of Israel."

"We must make clear that the United States will not stand with those who attempt to weaken Israel."

The amendment specifically targets European nations and companies - to pressure them in trade negotiations against supporting BDS initiatives.

It's the only region where BDS efforts gained traction. Boycotting Israel is more important now than ever.

It's the single most effective way to hold it accountable for collectively punishing Palestinians lawlessly.

Congressional legislation won't derail BDS activism. It's a vital global initiative whose time has come. Grassroots movements must lead the way.

Global justice advocates urge international civil society organizations and supporters everywhere to impose broad boycotts - to implement divestment initiatives against Israel similar to those applied to apartheid South Africa. 

Pressure is needed for embargoes and sanctions - for equity, justice and peace. 

It's long past time for Israel to be held accountable for high crimes too grave to ignore. Anti-BDS congressional legislation won't stop its eventual day of reckoning from arriving.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

Visit his blog site at 

Listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network.

It airs three times weekly: live on Sundays at 1PM Central time plus two prerecorded archived programs.